Spectrum Graphics lives and breathes color.



The patented CCI quality system allows near perfect printing with little to no color variation and sharper cleaner images.

High Definition Large Format Print Technology provides the highest quality, most realistic and attention-getting, large-scale printing in the most extraordinary way. Our team of highly trained color professionals have more than three decades of color management and printing experience. Producing state-of-the-art hi-def photographic imaging is our forte. Our ability to print in any scale on any material while maintaining consistent color is what distinguishes SGx2.

Color can be translated into virtually every language and even more so in today’s visually driven world. We are continually influenced by color as it creates a diverse range of emotions and establishes the characteristics of our environment. In the Spectrum Graphics Formula the spectrum of color has to be consistent and accurate as we take color calibration to a refined art and assure it to perfection. It is through this formula that color is shaped with the ideas and vision of its designers and engineers, who are united by a common goal that from conceptual design to finished art, the dynamic range of color is showcased.

Color to us is more than a word — it’s our craft, our passion, our life’s work. We pride ourselves in understanding the psychology of color, its global and cultural influences, and embrace its universal meanings and associations. Color sets a mood, a feeling, an emotion. It ebbs and flows, starts trends, and is seasonal. If used thoughtfully, color can live and coexist in any environment. Throughout our process, we manage the digital technology, we match the color and ensure consistency, and we intertwine each of the individual pieces within any given project. Essentially, Spectrum Graphics lives and breathes color.

In the end, it’s not enough for us to have someone see color, they must feel it.



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